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Ketamine has been demonstrated to be sufficient in treating discouragement in patients with bipolar issue who have not responded to antidepressants

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Ekrem Laboratory Offers a high and wide range of Research Chemical in all forms. Ranging from Ketamine powder, ketamine Liquid and ketamine rocks to other products such as Potassium cyanide also called KNC powder, MDPV, 4-Fluorococaine, buy mephedrone, and more.  some other products we sell in large quantity like buy PMK oil(Piperonyl Methyl Ketone) and Buy BMK oil. we try as much to provide premium pure chemicals as most of our products are the purest. we also provide other chemicals like M99 or Etorphine, 4-CEC crystal, A-PVP Crystal, Fluorophenmetrazine, Black Tar Heroin, Buy Heroin,buy LSD Powder from Ekrem lab too. buy MDPHP(3,4-Methylenedioxy-α-Pyrrolidinohexanophenone). we also provide high purity DMT. Buy DMT from ekrem lab. other product like Nembutal also available. also buy Testosterone phenylpropionate and more.   all our products are lab tested.   

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